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I was told as a child that you speak when spoken to.So I was closed mouth for a long time, I found my voice and now I can't STFU.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Poor House......so to speak.

If you're a college student, a dreamer, or a self proclaim entrepreneur then you have ran into this incident. The incident I speak of is the drought of rotating cash flow, not just any old couple of dollars but serious, manipulative cash. You know, pay your bills balances off, put something in your savings, buy extra groceries that you'll end up throwing in the garbage because the fruits you really wanted went bad, get your hair-nails-feet did, $300 vanished on whatever but its alright because you have $2G's left in your checking account and you get paid next Friday...etc.

When the situation that we NEVER see coming arises that makes you realize the incoming flow of funds has begun to dwindle THEN you begin to pay extra care to the $2G's you have left. Careful as you had been that has decrease to a bare double digits, that's when the panic sets it.

What do you? Crying won't work because honestly you knew this was a reality and it always seem to happen when you're making the most progress. Do you borrow from friends or family? No because you don't want to deal with the 'what happen?' 'Weren't you just in the mall last week?' 'What did you with the money you had?' I spent it fool, obviously!!!! In this time of need, the best you can do is reflect on what's ahead and not what you have left in the past nor the present situation at hand because when you know you've been cut from that tailored cloth of success, you know these times are not permanent they are just here to humble your ass because you might have been getting a bit out of hand....YES stop think about!.....you thought you had it made and needed a reality check.

We haven't reached our intended destination ladies and gents, not at all because when we get there it won't be a temporary fix or surges of funds, happiness, or well being because minus the funds we got everything else and once we learn how to accept that gracefully the dough gon be FLOWING like pee out a Russian race horse.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Depressed Iron Man

Whoever said it isn't possible for children to get depressed are wrong. My toddler has been without his older brother for 2 months and doesn't smile. He's begun to demonstrate behavioral problems. He is lost because his idol has left him, even though Asraeli said goodbye he is suffering from abandonment and separation anxiety. In these moments are when a parent feels helpless and the best you could is distract and spend extra time with them so they don't feel lonely. Asraeli comes back in 2 weeks and hopefully so will my babys' smile.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tales of a Childless Summer

My little snookums(the one on the left) is on holiday with my mum and I miss him. He'll be back in 2 weeks but this is the first time that I've been away from him since he's been born. He's turning 7 on Wednesday and he's not going to see my face when I woke up.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Measuring Standards

Often we compare our worth to that of others, our material possessions to that of our friends or family, and our life paths to those around us. The only thing that all these comparisons leads to is jealousy, resentment, regrets and sorrows. We each chose paths for our own reasons and must live with the choices however distasteful they may be. There are mothers that wonder what would their life be without their children, single women that wonder if 'he would've married them instead of the woman he met after her', and men that wonder 'what if I never had gotten her pregnant?'. While a single thought may be innocent enough, there's people who dwell on these thoughts and let it affect them. These thoughts breed jealousy and hate among friends and family because some people don't know how to accept what they have and be satisfied. If you cannot shop at the same stores as another because you didn't go to school long enough to bring in a decent paycheck, hating on someone who can is not going to elevate your situation. In fact it makes it worst because instead of concentrating on a way to get yourself to a better position, you're giving too much of your attention to an unnecessary foci. While there may be things you cannot take back like children, it is always possible to go back to school and get a degree especially when you run into your old friend and she tells you she finished college on time, she has a good job, she gets to do activities that you don't think of on daily basis, you inspect her clothing, they're better than yours, she invites you out but you decline because you don't have a babysitter or because your funds are low, and a feeling of discontent begins to rise, talk it down. That is NOT YOUR LIFE its hers and while she may seem happy on the surface behind every close door there's grief. Find contentment in your life because it's the only one you're living and whatever you don't like you can change, that is your responsibility to yourself.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Short Attention Span

Like most things in my life if it's not about money, getting money, or making money I don't pay it much attention hence my lack of attention concerning this outlet of mines.*rolls eyes, giggles* I like my money and buying nice new things to fill my vast closet with my crisp fifties or swiping my debit card *APPROVED: Shouts for joy!*. I'm very neglectful of all things that don't involve my paper, I will ignore my friends, cut off my associates and in my not so proud moments deprive my kids of quality time with their mother. Like my mother I feel chasing the almighty dollar would benefit me more in the end. I know the repercussions of her actions first hand, that's why when I'm about to drown myself in work, I'll fall back and let myself float to the top for a fresh breath of reality. However to each its own.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Are The Men We Chase Worth Having?

There are some women who are still caught up in the fairytale world of Disney, that if we are really good girls Prince Charming will eventually find us and we will live happily ever after. Unfortunately that is not the reality, we are force to push forward and conduct a search and rescue party in an attempt to find our man. That's when we say all that "Where my girls at?" "Bitches over Bros" and ladies night is every night. But no matter how much of a "player" we claim we are, there is always that part of us that wants to let go and let someone else be in charge because our nature tells us so.

So while you may be juggling between the sexy guy you met at the club that you haven't let hit it because you don't want him to think you're a hoe, your co-worker you're "talking to" because he's nice and the guy that's boosting your ego, you're not interested but he makes you feel good so you keep him around, how do you decide who's worth it?

The guy you met at the club already thinks you're a hoe. Why because you're single and desperate in his eyes, why would you be in the club grinding your ass to produce hard dicks if you don't want to fuck? You wouldn't want a strange man grinding his dick on you on the train or public bus, so why would you let a strange man in the club do unless you want some. So if you sleep with him don't expect a long term relationship take it for what it is, a glorified booty call that may run into a couple weeks, months at best. No matter what he says, if you choose to catch feelings for this man in hopes of something serious its no ones fault but your own to be so naive.

You may feel that your co-worker would be the best choice because you know him, you feel safe around him and that's how sheep gets lured into wolves mouth. When you get involve with men with whom you've shared previous experience however nonsexual, it lures you into a false sense of security. You trust him, because you cease to view him as from Mars, he's no longer a foreigner yet but has being given exemption visa status to Venus with dual citizenship. You tend to get hurt in these relationships because you never see the bullshit coming, he will use all the information you have unwilling volunteered against you.(this is why men and women can be friends) You will be crushed and destroyed before you ever see it coming, because while you're giving him the benefit of the doubt of being your "friend" and while you think the same courtesy is being extended towards you, you are being completely taken advantage of and for granted.

So your best choice would be.....
not the pushover either, women need to learn to fall in love with themselves and take casual sex for what it is, a spectacular feat of bedroom skills a Clash of the Titans(especially if he's well endowed, don't be afraid to get up and leave if he isn't). We need to enjoy single life and take things slow. Cinderella and Snow White only married the Princes because they were tired of cleaning up after other people.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Wood Apologizes- Are we still on this?

You can watch the sob fest here. Who cares can we move on already? I don't care how many hoes you smashed as long as it's not forced down my throat.