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I was told as a child that you speak when spoken to.So I was closed mouth for a long time, I found my voice and now I can't STFU.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Short Attention Span

Like most things in my life if it's not about money, getting money, or making money I don't pay it much attention hence my lack of attention concerning this outlet of mines.*rolls eyes, giggles* I like my money and buying nice new things to fill my vast closet with my crisp fifties or swiping my debit card *APPROVED: Shouts for joy!*. I'm very neglectful of all things that don't involve my paper, I will ignore my friends, cut off my associates and in my not so proud moments deprive my kids of quality time with their mother. Like my mother I feel chasing the almighty dollar would benefit me more in the end. I know the repercussions of her actions first hand, that's why when I'm about to drown myself in work, I'll fall back and let myself float to the top for a fresh breath of reality. However to each its own.